Bypass iCloud Lock on iPhone X, XS, 7 and 8

Many hackers are blogging that can remove activation lock and allowing users to restore iDevice without authentication code. But this is shown that is not working the way should be. Many owners currently facing locked Apple iCloud Activation and can’t activate their devices like iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, iPad and iPad Mini. Now for the first time on the web, we will present you the Bypass iCloud Lock Tool only working tool on the web who will make you happy. For first we will explain how to remove and then will start with the removal process. This service is totally for free and is no need to pay for this service, just completed the survey and download will start automatically.

How Tool Works

The tool works by connecting with our servers by VPN and removing the old iCloudaccount saved on your Device, allowing you to add new Apple ID and Password then it activates the new IDs on the iCloud. By activation the device again on Apple servers are available for you certain functions such as apps, WiFi, calls etc. Removing the old Apple account need advance programing skills but we did it. Here some pictures to view all process on the Tool.

1. Download the Software from

3. Install Bypass iCloud Lock.msi Setup file.

4. Run the Tool Bypassi Cloud Lock.exe.

5. Enter your new Apple ID and Password and press button Check, now Bypass iCloud Lock Tool will check the server database for old Apple ID record and replace it with new one.

6. Check server support Server1 or Server2 and select I agree terms of use.

7. Press Bypass button, wait a minute and you are done, your new Apple ID is sent to your desire email.

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