A good turnout this month with a few returning after long absenses and a couple of new faces

Right off the bat we had enough players for Pillars of the Earth but since everyone but me had played before, I hung back, which was lucky as a new player turned up  We went for 2P Pandemic. If you’ve ever played you’ll know the tension mounts even if you’re on top of things… at one point we were down to 6 red disease cubes and an epidemic would have wiped us out, but we had kept a couple of special actions back for just this situation, found the last two cures and won! Woohoo!

As more people turned up, there were games of 7 WondersAlien Frontiers and, for me, Scotland Yard. I was Mr X, facing five detectives. We were all wondering whether a game from 1983 would be any good but actually it turned out to be quite tense. I managed to evade capture for 18 turns, but as I wasn’t taking any risks the detectives managed to cut me off from bus stops and the tube for the whole game. That meant I ended up taking a taxi round and round Soho until the cordon closed in.

Next up were Hanging GardensBonanzaLe Cardo and Ingenious while I played Infiltration. This was a close game as thee of us were poised to escape the vaults on the last turn (with me carrying an android and enough data to win the game) when a traitor, realising he could never get out in time, raised the alarm and shut us all in!

The last two main games were TTR Europe and Mystic wood. Mysic wood came out in 1980 and this time, unfortunately, it shows. I won, but it felt quite hollow as it was just luck really. Next time we’ll play the dungeon version which I remember being better.

Everyone headed off except two of us, so we tried Neuroshima Hex. After a bit of a steep learning curve I got my forces in line to give my opponant quite a shoing except that half way through the tide turned. I might have been able to salvage things but when he pulled a ‘move’ action out the bag, I didn’t have a hope. So, quite a lot of randomness here too, but you do have to use what pieces/actions you get skillfully.

Another great day, thanks everyone!

Don’t forget we’re sneeking in a pre-christmas games day on the 15th Dec – see you there!

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